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CATEGORY: HOME AUTOMATION / Inline / Freestanding

Reliant Energy was looking to increase it’s product offering in stores. The decision to start offering home security and home automation brought many challenges to a company who’s model of business was selling only energy services. Reliant’s team  turned to AMD Industries for help.

This extremely complex display holds multiple devices on display. All items are connected to the “Reliant Home Connect” app via a mounted iPad and operate fully allowing sales team to demonstrate; remotely control your thermostats, security control panel, remote door locks, turning off and dimming lights, and home cameras. Additionally an integrated monitor and computer  offer a touch screen interactive home environment showing how and where these products benefit the consumer. AMD designed and built a wall mounted display with all items mounted and functioning.   

The roll-out for test stores proved to be a huge success. Security leads from stores jumped an outstanding 200%.