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Retail Innovation Center

Welcome to our Retail Innovation Center.

At the Retail Innovation Center, groups of stakeholders join together – shoppers, retailers, brand managers, along with AMD's designers and engineers – to test and validate retail concepts. It's a highly effective way to ensure that your retail concepts are right for your brand – and your customers.

The Retail Innovation Center is a place to capture and test key shopper insights, then put these insights into action, creating what the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs called “insanely great shopper experiences.”

Whether you’re testing fixture prototypes, shop -in-shop installations, graphic executions, packaging, or conducting product research, the center is the perfect place for gaining real-time consumer feedback.

View RIC brochure.

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    Retail Innovation Lab

    Understand the materials, technologies, and design ingredients that support your merchandising and display concepts.

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    Experience Center

    This facility is used to emulate general retail environments for contextualizing specific merchandising implementations.

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    Visualization Center

    Here, we can project specific retail environments in virtual space to evaluate merchandising concepts in context.