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CLIENT: Denon Heos

CATEGORY: Counter / Consumer Electronics

Denon Heos asked AMD to design an interactive display to showcase two independent sound experiences demonstrating the Heos ecosystem. HEOS is a wireless music system that allows you to control all your music effortlessly from anywhere in your home.


AMD designed a customized electronic display allowing users to isolate and compare multiple speaker options provided by Heos. The design consists of a wood and metal black base housing a button panel, a surround sound bar, three gray speaker pedestals and an angled pedestal hiding the media player with an info graphic. The interactive button panel allows the user to select between the compare or surround sound experiences. Within the compare experience, a white panel on each pedestal lights up to illustrate the speaker is in use.


Heos was extremely happy with how AMD was able to emulate the home wireless experience without Wifi. The visual lighting indicators made it very clear how Heos systems can be used separately and in conjuction with each other. Overall, it presented very well and they have since updated the display with new products as well.