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CLIENT: Comcast Xfinity

CATEGORY: Inline / Consumer Electronics

AMD designed, engineered and produced the Xfinity Home interactive kiosk to introduce and promote the features and benefits of Xfinty Home – an integrated whole home security system. The objective was to encourage shoppers to sign up for the service on the spot.


Using proprietary digital electronic integration techniques, AMD successfully showcased the Xfinity Home ecosystem of products. The display consisted of a control panel, a camera, a thermostat, a carbon monoxide detector and an in home touch screen demonstrating how the app is used to control the different devices.


Comcast retailers found the display to be an outstanding sales tool because it demonstrates the Comcast Xfinity Home security and home control system seemelessly. Also, the software can be updated through a wireless connection allowing Comcast to maintain its technology and rollout feature enhancements to the app.